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My Dog is Dying: So what can I Do?

pet hospice
Support for Pet Hospice
By Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL

Have you been going through Pet Hospice?

pet funerals

Wondering how to handle all your feelings of pet bereavement and pet loss grief?

You just came home from the veterinarian’s office, and it feels like a brick hit you right smack around the head. You heard that your particular dog has a life-threatening illness. That’s right . . . she only has one week or, at best, a few months to live. Also to top that off, the vet tells you, “There is no cure also to consider pet hospice choices.”

What are you going to do? She's your best friend and is always there for you, showering you with unconditional love and sloppy kisses.

You happen to be numb beyond belief and pet hopice could be the last thing in your mind.

Fortunately that in my new book, My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do I’m offering you tools to support you when struggling with pet bereavement once you find out your dog is crictally ill. In this book, I supply you with options, so you can start to heal your pet loss grief in this special time. Let me support you right away within your grieving a dog journey.

This book is good for you if you received news your dog is going to die, time is limited, and you want to do the most effective you can to support your pet through this special time during his or her cycle of life. You happen to be coping with loss of your dog that's your best friend.

My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do? has been designed only for you. It is your emotional emergency first-aid kit that can support you through the rollercoaster ride that you're about to take when dealing with pet hospice and pet loss grief.

It is a personal handbook and journal to continually keep with you, loaded with useful information. Consider it your new best friend.

My Dog Is Dying: What can I Do? will be there for you always, supporting you as being a close friend to walk your journey of grieving your pet dog with unconditional love.

A great gift I’m offering you that I’ve not seen in other pet grief books are contemplation questions. Following each chapter, you will find three Contemplation Questions, made to help you proceed even more deeply on your grieving your pet dog journey to become an engaged participant when managing your dog’s illness.

The thing is that, I myself got the death sentence for my beloved Samoyed Marley, who in the young age of twelve was identified as having nasosarcoma. She was given a couple weeks, and she lived for ten months.

In addition to my personal experiences, plus like a certified end of life and pet loss grief coach (CEOL), in addition to a licensed massage therapist for human, horse, and hound, I have helped countless people all over the world to never feel alone when grieving your dog again.

People who feel alone making use of their feelings of grief on the loss of their pets have realized support from the suggestions and details in this helpful book.

Denise, who’s dog Sadie had cancer, explained-

The best thing about this book would it be can immediately place your mind at ease, center your soul, and still provide tips on how to instantly feel less hopeless, less alone, and less freaked out. I prefer this book everyday to obtain through all the crazy feelings and situations that come with losing Sadie to a horrifying disease. Plus, Wendy gives an extra bonus of ways to prepare for the end of one's dog’s life. Without this book, I'd be a mess.

I promise you any time you read and follow the tips in this book, you may feel like you have acquired a whole new best friend that totally gets what you're going through. And I promise it will be your first-aid kit that can give you solutions to one of the most difficult decisions and situations that you're going to experience.

Please don’t function as person who goes through grieving your pet dog alone. Be the individual that actively takes death by the hand. Be the person who could make sound decisions on how to take care of your dog within this special time. And become the person who looks at the pet loss grief journey being an opportunity to not fear death speculate a journey to learn, love, and heal.

It will help you create a compassionate, respectful, healthy, and loving journey in your case and your dog to share during this tough, yet special, time.

Remember, you will not ever have to feel alone using your pet loss grief again!

Post by pethospice2 (2016-02-23 06:38)

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